Kerastase Fusio-Dose Concentre Vita-Ciment 活力膠結物精華,重點針對修護受外界侵害而變得脆弱髮質,產品有效重建髮絲內部物質,讓頭髮重現強韌。
這活力膠結物精華蘊含專利的Vita-Ciment 活力膠結物,能為髮芯纖維作重新修補,成分中的專業濃度精華,只需15分鐘便能重新修護髮絲內部的組織及鞏固髮芯纖維,一次過解決髮絲脆弱、易斷和暗啞問題,令髮絲重現生機。


Kerastase Fusio-Dose Concentre Vita-Ciment is a part of Fusio Dose family of professional hair treatments with unique formulas containing highly concentrated active ingredients designed to resolve all your hair concerns. Kerastase Fusio-Dose Concentre Vita-Ciment is meant to address Damaged, Over-Processed Hair as main concern and it must be combined with the booster of your choice to address a secondary hair concern. The beauty of the Fusio-Dose is that you can create a tailor-made solution based on your hair needs and combine different hair treatments into ONE by mixing concentrate with different type of boosters to address your hair needs. The freshly fused treatment with initial dose of goodness will fundamentally treat your hair and immediately transform it for lasting results.

*This concentre treatment is to be used exclusively with other Fusio-Dose boosters to create various personalized combinations.

Directions of use
Cleanse hair
Then towel dry hair thoroughly.
Remove the cap from the bottle of concentre.
Put the booster onto the neck of the concentre bottle.
Check that the solution contained in the booster has been poured into the bottle.
Install the pump into the concentre. Shake the bottle to obtain an even consistency.
Finally spray onto washed and towel-dried hair at a distance of 4 inches.
Massage through to the ends. Wait till 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly or follow the steps of the related masque for better result.