SHISEIDO Primience Hair Color



Offers a diverse set of colors ranging from natural to light tones. Clear, rich colors can be achieved.

Additional information

顏色 Colour:

N13, N12, N11, N10, N9, N8, N7, N6, N5, N4, N3, N2, N1, R13, R11, R9, R8, R7, R6, R5, O13, O11, O9, O8, O7, BE13, BE11, BE9, BE8, BE7, BE6, BE5, YBE13, YBE11, YBE9, YBE8, YBE7, M13, M11, M9, M8, M7, M6, M5, PA13, PA11, PA9, PA8, PA7, LA13, LA11, LA9, LA8, LA7, LA6, LA5, P13, P11, P9, P8, P7, P6, P5, G13, G11, G9, G8, G7, G6, G5, G4, CL13, CL11, CL9, CL7, BE-C, M-C, A-C, V-C, AM13, AM11, AM9, AM8, AM7, V13, V11, V9, V8, V7, EV4, ER8, EC8, EC7, EC5, EO8, R-C, O-C, LSBE13, LSBE11, LSBE9, LSSI13, LSSI11, LSSI9, LSP13, LSP11, LSP9, WBE13, WBE11, WBE9, WBE8, WBE7, WBE6, WBE5, PM13, PM11, PM9, PM8, PM7, BAP13, BAP11, BAP9, BAP8, BAP7, COBE13, COBE11, COBE9, COBE8, COBE7, MIBE13, MIBE11, MIBE9, MIBE8, MIBE7, EG7, EG5, EB7, EB5, EBV7, EBV5, AG13, AG11, AG9, AG8, AG7, LG13, LG11, LG9, LG8, LG7, NB12, NB10, NB9, NB8, NB7, NB6, NB5, NB4, NB1, NB, WB10, WB9, WB8, WB7, WB6, WB5, WB, CB10, CB9, CB8, CB7, CB6, CB5, CB, NBE12, NBE10, NBE9, NBE8, NBE7, NBE6, NBE5, NBE, MBE10, MBE9, MBE8, MBE7, MBE6, MBE5, MBE, PTBE10, PTBE9, PTBE8, PTBE7, PTBE6, PTBE5, PTBE, VB10, VB9, VB8, VB7, VB6, PB10, PB9, PB8, PB7, PB6, RB10, RB9, RB8, RB7, RB6, COB10, COB9, COB8, COB7, COB6, EV6, ER5, ER7