LAZULITE Acid Balance Treatment Spray 150ml



Contains rich nutrients, refreshing fragrance, added PCA sodium, glycerin, panthenol, hydrolyzed keratin and other ingredients, add a lot of moisture and nutrition to the hair, soothe the scalp, smooth dry and rough hair, repair the damaged hair, strengthen hair, soft hair, make hair more hydrated, healthy and shiny. This product can be used to replenish nutrients and moisture before hair styling, after coloring, straightening, shampooing, and styling after shampooing.
1) Use before perm (to enhance elasticity)
2) Use after hair colouring (neutralizing hydrogen peroxide and Armonia functions) (colour care)
3) Ionic hair straightening (for anti-thermal) (to prevent water loss and stringing)
4) Use as conditioner (not oily and moisturizing)
5) Use after shampooing, the hair drying time will be shorten and the hair will be repaired at the same time
6) Post-swimming supplements to neutralize chlorine
7) With anti-UV effect
8) No rinse needed