BEAVER Tea Tree Purifying Conditioner 350ml



This purifying conditioner helps to promote a clean, healthy scalp as well as strengthening brittle hair. It is also a great solution for hair loss and breakage. Tea tree essential oil gained recognition in hair care as it gives you the perfect hydration and makes hair soft and smooth. Unique conditioning agents in the composition of the product instantly restore the structure and smooth the hair cuticle, soften and strengthen, as well as prevent moisture loss, providing the most easy combing.

Repairs the hair root, nourishes scalp and hair core, anti-hair loss, enhances hair strength, keeps the balance of oil and water. Wakes up your smooth, luster and volume hair.

How to use:
After shampooing, lightly remove excess water, dispense contents into palm of hand and apply mainly to hair shaft
Then rinse with lukewarm water

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